What is womb / vaginal / yoni steaming?

What is womb / vaginal / yoni steaming?

Vaginal steaming as the words would suggest, is the steaming of the vaginal canal. This is done by the use of steam generated from hot water in a pot with herbs. This pot is then placed in a steaming sauna (picture above) and one would sit on there and relax for a specific amount of time. There are different ways to perform vaginal steaming, if one does not have a steaming sauna.

Vaginal steaming, is also known as yoni steaming. Yoni refers to the emotional and physical aspects of the womb. Vaginal steaming is practised in many countries and cultures. This feminine practice has been around for many years.

I first heard of vaginal steaming when I had my first baby, in 2015. My mom told me that, vaginal steaming is done in our family, after a woman gives birth. I thought – what nonsense, I am not doing this! I was very dismissive. As I look back, I did so because of a lack of education on my side. It would seem that vaginal steaming is a common practice in Mauritius for post-partum care, as well as in other parts of the world.

In 2021, I attended an online conference offered by Womb Light Energy Academy. One of the speakers, spoke about vaginal steaming and her story; how she had experienced positive benefits from steaming. Another speaker, also spoke about vaginal steaming and recommended Steamy Chick as a service provider for getting certified. Feeling very inspired after that conference, I decided to register for a certification as a Peristeam Facilitator with Steamy Chick. I decided to embrace vaginal steaming as it is part of my lineage. I could now connect with this feminine practice.

In 2022, after almost a year of studying, I finally completed the certification for Peristeam Facilitator. I am listed on the Steamy Chick directory as a Peristeam Facilitator in South Africa.

Am I a steam user?

A steam user is a term used for a person who does vaginal steaming. Yes, I am a steam user!

Why do I steam?

Many years ago, I went off the oral contraceptive pill because I was experiencing terrible mood swings. My natural periods returned but the bleeds were different. I had very dark clotty bleeds. I would also experience spotting every month before I actually get my periods. My menstrual cycles at first, were VERY LONG. It concerned me. I then decided to do vaginal steaming to regulate my menstrual cycle to a normal cycle. After one steam, I had already experienced an improvement in my periods.

In 2021, as we planned to fall pregnant again, I decided to steam again prior to getting pregnant. I wanted to make sure that I had a womb cleanse before falling pregnant as my menstrual cycles used to vary from being very long to short cycles.

In 2021,  I had my second baby and, vaginal steaming was number one on my postpartum care plan. Six weeks after my caesarian section, I started steaming every night. The benefits have been amazing thus far – muscle tightening and relaxation, amongst the many other benefits.

Embracing vaginal steaming, is my way of embracing my family lineage. I am bringing this gift to every woman who wants to connect with her menstrual cycle and claim her feminine power. 

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