Please read the following when purchasing any vaginal / yoni steaming products and / or services.

Scope of practice:

I, Anusooya Gosai trading as Red Butterfly, provide vaginal / yoni steaming products and services, in the scope of a certified Peristeam Facilitator. I am listed on the Steamy Chick directory as a Peristeam Facilitator.

I am NOT providing vaginal / yoni steaming products and services in the scope of a pharmacist.

Views Expressed

The views, thoughts and opinions that I have expressed on www.redbutterfly.co.za , @redbutterfly8 (Facebook) and @redbutterfly_8 (Instagram) belong to me, Anusooya Gosai trading as Red Butterfly. They are not a representation of my employer or any organisations that I belong to.

I practice Fertility Awareness Method and Menstrual Cycle Awareness / Cyclical Living. I may make recommendations / suggestions from that perspective as well, when looking holistically at the menstrual cycle.

Taking Responsibility

By agreeing to this disclaimer, you accept responsibility for your overall health and outcomes of the vaginal steaming. If you need information about the effects of vaginal steaming, please read the blog posts.

For first time steam users doing vaginal steaming, it is advisable to book a full consultation when buying the herbs.  This is in order to determine the correct herbs for your current menstrual cycle, correct steaming duration and appropriate heat set-up.

Please also take note that each menstrual cycle is unique, and that steaming will alter the menstrual cycle to auto-regulate to a healthy menstrual cycle. That means that your herbs requirements will differ from month-to-month.

Contact details

Anusooya Gosai


Gqeberha, South Africa