Disinfecting Herbs


The Disinfecting herb formula is designed for excess cervical mucus and infections or viruses that accompany it.

It includes herbs that may help to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses while expelling toxins, reducing inflammation, getting rid of excess mucus, deodorizing and resetting the healthy flora in the reproductive tract.

Includes: motherworth, lavender, nettles, lemon peels.



This blend is for:

  • Infections Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Inflammation Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • HPV Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • STDs Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Viruses Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Irregular Papsmears  Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Cervical Dysplasia  Accompanied with Irregular Discharge
  • Cancer  Accompanied with Irregular Discharge





  • If you have any of the above and you also have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less) then you might get both the Disinfecting Herbs AND the Gentle Herbs and rotate them every other steam session.
  • If you have any of the above but it’s not accompanied with irregular discharge then the cooling herbs would likely be the best choice for you.


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